So you just acquired an APY.Vison NFT. Congrats on your step towards becoming a more informed DeFi investor! Now that you have obtained your NFT, here are some helpful tips to remember:

  • As a paid NFT Subscriber, you have access to the Vision2K Club on discord

  • Your NFT will cover all of the supported chains meaning holding this NFT will give you access to Apy.Vision PRO features for all supported: Eth pools, Polygon pools, Fantom Pools, Kyber DMM Pools, and all the other networks we support. 

  • NFT’s are Non-Refundable so make sure you are purchasing the NFT that is right for you

  • Make sure that you sign into Apy.Vision with the same wallet that is Holding your NFT

  • Remember that your Pro Service will be active for the amount of time specified. Holding an NFT does not make you a lifetime member. If you are interested in becoming a lifetime member then please consider acquiring vision tokens for this purpose. 

  • You are able to trade and sell or even purchase your NFT on the secondary market, at any time, remember that if you are shopping for Apy.Vision NFT’s on the secondary market to pay close attention to the PRO member expiration date. We recommend or for secondary market options.

  • You can move your NFT to a different wallet and it will function for the new wallet that it was sent to, but also disconnect services from the old wallet that it was moved from