There are a couple of reasons why a Liquidity pool that you are currently in may not show up on the dashboard. The following are some notes as to why you may not see your LP positions.

  1. If you have a Uniswap pool and it is not showing up, please be aware that we currently working on Uniswap V3 Support. Only your Uniswap V2 pools will show up on the dashboard. We will make an announcement when V3 support is up and running.

  2. Please make sure you are looking at the appropriate wallet. Make sure that under the wallet connection you have the correct wallet selected

  3. If you are a free Apy.Vision member, there are certain pools that are limited to PRO membership users. Please refer to our membership page for more details -

  4. If you recently entered a pool position and see an onscreen message on Apy.Vision explaining that a network is behind or currently indexing, there is a possibility that our subgraph has not registered your pool position yet. Please bear with us, wait until our data is synced and up to date before contacting support about your position not appearing

  5. If your pool position is less than $50 USD in value either from the amount you purchased or due to market conditions it will be classified as a "Dust" position and will be moved to your "exited pool positions"

  6. If you were able to see your pool before and it is no longer appearing and all of the above do not apply to the situation please submit a ticket with full details about the pool contract #, the pool pair, the AMM that it is on, and the network that is on -

  7. If all the above do not apply to you and you still do not see your pool, it might not be supported at this time. To request a specific pool or protocol please submit your request here -